Monero Mining Pool FQDNs

Malware that deploys crypto mining software has become more and more popular and annoying. It's not always possible to scan every device in your network with our free or commercial compromise assessment scanners. The good news is that the mining pools for the most...

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Update Service Maintenance

Today, on 26th of August, we upgrade our update service infrastructure to a completely new service. What stays the same: Server names and IPs SSL/TLS Certificates What gets changed: We replace the service that handles requests and serves the update packages Affected...

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Visit the New Online Manuals

We've converted all our PDF based user manuals into shiny new online versions. The new online versions are hosted on Github and converted into web pages with the help of ReadTheDocs.  This way we can update them with new information much faster than before and allow...

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Analyze VMware ESX Systems with THOR Thunderstorm

Since the release of THOR Thunderstorm in the summer of 2020, our customers used it to analyse a variety of systems that are usually considered as "out of scope". In some cases the EULA prevents the installation of Antivirus scanners or EDR agents. In other cases the...

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