Video Tutorials

The ASGARD Management Center is the central management platform for THOR and SPARK scans. It manages distributed THOR/SPARK scans on thousands of systems, collects, forwards and analyzes logs. Furthermore, the ASGARD Management Center can control and execute complex response tasks if needed.

Discover the core features of ASGARD Analysis Cockpit

The ANALYSIS COCKPIT gives you the power to analyze logs from thousands of systems.

– baselining

– SOC integration

– Case management

THOR Scanner is our Incident Response Scanner and Live Forensics Tool for Windows.

THOR utilizes multiple examination methods to detect traces of hacker activity. For example, THOR uses more than 9.000 signatures as well as more than 25 methods.


This video shows how to create a single HTML report from a directory of log files by using spark-core-util.