Nextron Systems

Nextron Systems is a German technology company that enables customers worldwide in Threat Detection & Response. Customers from the enterprise sector as well as risk-conscious mid-sized businesses utilize its cutting-edge technology, recommended by BSI (Federal Office for Information Security), and appreciated by users for ensuring the security of their data and systems in a rapidly changing environment.

Nextron Systems distinguishes itself by detecting threats ahead of others and proactively empowering its customers with its tools to counter corporate espionage and hacker attacks, thereby ensuring business continuity. This is made possible with Nextron Systems’ unique “Complete Automated Compromise Assessment”. Our commitment is to detect unknown threats before they can cause harm.

Nextron’s roots go back to the year 2012 when the THOR scanner was created by BSK Consulting GmbH and HvS Consulting AG. In April 2017 both companies decided to concentrate development of THOR along with the development of software for central scan control, remediation and analysis in a joint enterprise named Nextron Systems GmbH.


Nextron Systems GmbH
Bruchstrasse 8
63128 Dietzenbach


Nextron Systems LLC
444 Brickell Avenue, Suite 700
Miami, FL 33131


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Phone: +49 6074 – 728 42 36

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