We Detect Hackers

Have I been compromised?

The question isn’t if, but when you will be hacked!

With security breaches arising on multiple fronts, companies, healthcare systems, governmental and educational entities alike are starting to realize how real the threat of cyber security attacks are. In today’s world, firewalls, antivirus and IPS are not enough.

Why has scanning for IOC’s (Indicators of compromise) become mandatory? IOC’s are the red flags that indicate a potential or in-progress attack that could lead to a data breach or systems compromise.

Nextron Systems identifies hackers in your infrastructure!

We don’t believe in using cloud services. All our solutions are on your premises.

Your data will never leave your hands!


Why Do Customers Choose Nextron?

Impressive Detection Rate

THOR’s impressive detection rate is well-known in the industry and fits the needs of threat hunters around the globe.

Thousands of generic signatures detect anomalies, obfuscation techniques and suspicious properties to rapidly accelerate compromise assessments.

Unmatched Flexibility

Use our scanners fully managed with the ASGARD platform or stand-alone as portable scanners for live forensics, image scans or to monitor a certain folder.

You can easily add your own indicators and signatures from threat feeds that you’ve subscribed to.

Trans-Regional Trust

We are a German-based company and all of our solutions are on-premise. Our scanners work completely offline.

We enjoy great confidence from our customers in the form of government agencies, NGOs and private corporations.

Our Product Line

Scanners, Management and Analysis



THOR is our full-featured, portable and flexible compromise assessment scanner for Windows systems


SPARK is our fast, lightweight and flexible compromise assessment scanner for Windows, Linux and macOS


SPARK Core is a free but reduced version of SPARK with an open source signature set for Windows, Linux and macOS


LOKI is an open source IOC and YARA scanner bundled with an open source signature set

Management and Analysis

ASGARD Management Center

Configure, schedule and control scans on up to 10.000 end points per instance

ASGARD Analysis Cockpit

Analyze scan logs, manage incidents in role based cases management, create filters and forward to your SIEM