On-Demand Compromise Assessments

THOR Cloud is our new, lightweight and easy to deploy on-demand compromise assessment scanner.

Welcome to THOR Cloud, where live compromise assessment scans are easily accessible whenever you need them.

THOR Cloud eliminates the need for on-premise systems for licensing and scanner package downloads. With THOR Cloud, all you need is a small yet powerful tool known as the THOR Cloud launcher. Simply bring it to your endpoint or allow end users to download and execute it themselves.

This launcher serves as the core of a comprehensive on-demand forensic investigation, powered by our advanced scanner, THOR. Equipped with over 30,000 pre-built signatures designed to detect various traces of hacking activity, THOR ensures thorough analysis and identification of potential security threats.

No Requirements - No Hassle

Say goodbye to the complexities of managing local servers, licensing systems, update tools, and management systems. With THOR Cloud, all you need is the lightweight THOR Cloud launcher. Simply bring it to your endpoint or allow end users to download and execute it themselves. No additional scripts or setup required, making the deployment process hassle-free.

In-Depth Investigations

Enhance your analysis with comprehensive forensic scans provided by THOR Cloud. These scans offer in-depth insights and serve as a valuable second opinion on security events. By leveraging THOR Cloud’s advanced capabilities, you can expedite analysis, reduce manual investigations, and optimize resource allocation.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate THOR Cloud into your existing infrastructure and toolset. The THOR Cloud launcher binary, combined with the power of THOR, offers exceptional flexibility and rich features. Every function in THOR Cloud is easily accessible via API, enabling smooth integration with your existing solutions. Whether it’s automating workflows, integrating with your preferred systems, or building custom applications, THOR Cloud’s API ensures seamless connectivity and enhances your overall security ecosystem.

Lightweight Deployment

Easily deploy and run THOR scans using the lightweight THOR Cloud launcher binary, simplifying the setup process.

Download options in admin interface

Guided launcher download for end users (optional)

Centralized Cloud Management

Enjoy the convenience of central management for scans through the intuitive web-based GUI, providing a unified interface for configuration and monitoring.

No On-Premises Server or Agents

Benefit from a serverless and agentless approach with THOR Cloud. There’s no need to maintain on-premises servers or deploy additional agents, simplifying your infrastructure requirements.

Full Featured API

Leverage the power of the comprehensive THOR Cloud API, enabling seamless integration and customization within your existing systems and workflows.

Command-Line Free

Say goodbye to complex command-line interactions. THOR Cloud eliminates the need for command-line operations, streamlining the scanning process.

Comprehensive Reports

Scans generate various output files, including an HTML report that provides analysts with a prioritized view of the scan log.

With quick investigation and qualification of security events taking just minutes, THOR Cloud serves as an ideal extension to support your SIEM or EDR analysts in gathering additional information and forensic evidence.

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