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With the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, traditional IT security measures like Antivirus scanners, EDR systems, Security Monitoring, and Vulnerability Management are often outpaced by new malware and sophisticated attacks, leaving your company vulnerable.

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Integrate Nextron‘s Continuous Compromise Assessment into your security arsenal. Stay a step ahead by proactively detecting advanced hacker activity earlier than ever, drastically minimizing the chances of breaches. Act now to fortify your defenses.

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Why THOR is the essential tool for your advanced
security measures and the mechanics behind its operation

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We Detect Hackers.

Detection Rate

THOR’s remarkable detection rate stands as a benchmark in the cybersecurity industry, perfectly aligning with the demanding needs of global threat hunters. With thousands of generic signatures at its disposal, THOR expertly identifies anomalies, obfuscation techniques, and suspicious properties, dramatically speeding up the process of compromise assessments.

Uncover Hidden Threats
with Precision

Nextron excels in shining a light on the often-ignored corners of cyber threats. Our approach delves deep into forensic evidence, scripts, obfuscations, and file system anomalies, enabling us to unearth dangers that typically slip past standard detection methods. This unique focus ensures your business is safeguarded against even the most elusive threats.

Advanced Threat Detection
with our Forensic Scanner

Our state-of-the-art forensic scanner is a game-changer in threat detection. It’s specifically engineered to identify threats that are commonly overlooked by conventional security solutions. With this powerful tool, your business is not just protected; it’s one step ahead.

Seamless and

We understand the diverse needs of businesses, which is why our solutions offer highly flexible deployment options. This adaptability ensures seamless integration with your existing systems, providing robust security without disrupting your operations.

Effortless, Large-Scale
Compromise Detection:

Nextron simplifies the complex task of large-scale enterprise-wide compromise detection. Our innovative approach allows for regular, comprehensive checks across your organization with minimal effort, thanks to smart baselining and event management. Stay secure without the heavy lifting.”

In-Depth Forensic
Evidence Analysis

At the core of our strategy is a comprehensive forensic evidence analysis. This meticulous process not only sets us apart but also ensures that threats overlooked by other solutions are identified and neutralized. With Nextron, you’re not just detecting threats; you’re preemptively neutralizing them, safeguarding your business’s integrity and future.

Proactively detect advanced hacker activity earlier than ever and reduce the likelihood of breaches.

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These customers
already trust Nextron:


“In our environment, we use ASGARD for a multitude of use-cases. In addition to other security components, we use ASGARD to regularly scan selected systems for sign of compromise…”

Raphael Otto
Head of Cyber Defense Center,
Infineon Technologies AG


“I have been given the opportunity to evaluate Nextron’s VALHALLA feed. The handcrafted high quality detections with literally zero false-positive rate are an unmatched capability that does not only enable your detection technologies to stay ahead of the latest advanced threats but also is an extension of your own security team. Given the high quality and value the feed provides I can highly recommend VALHALLA.”

Markus Neis
Swisscom Schweiz AG

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