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Flexible and Continuous Compromise Assessments

Have I been compromised?

With security breaches arising on multiple fronts, companies, healthcare systems, governmental and educational entities alike are starting to realize how real the threat of cyber security attacks are. In today’s world, firewalls, antivirus and network based intrusion prevention are not enough.

Compromise assessments are the most effective defense in depth measure an organization can use to ensure no threats have made it past their defenses.

Nextron System provides the best compromise assessment scanner and management platforms to facilitate a continuous assessment.  

All our solutions can be used on your premises. Your data will never leave your network.

We Detect Hacker Activity

Our signature database with more than 12,000 hand crafted and high quality rules is focused on APTs (advanced persistent threats), their tool sets, scripts and malware.

We curate rules for hack tools, their output, config backdoors, RATs, web shells, suspicious system file replacements and traces of other malicious activity.

THOR is the perfect complement to your Antivirus solution.

Our Product Line

Scanners, Management and Analysis



THOR is our full-featured, portable and flexible compromise assessment scanner for Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

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THOR Cloud

THOR Cloud provides on-demand live forensic scans right at your fingertips.

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THOR Thunderstorm

This mode of operation turns THOR into a RESTful web service that is able to process thousands of samples per minute sent from any device within the network.

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THOR Lite is a feature-reduced version of THOR, which is bundled with the open source signature set of LOKI.

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LOKI is a Python based open source IOC and YARA scanner bundled with our free and limited signature set.

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Management and Analysis

ASGARD Management Center

ASGARD Management Center allows you to configure, schedule and control scans on up to 25,000 end points per instance; It also features an IOC management as well as many response functions like file or memory collection and custom playbooks to run any tool or command on your endpoints.

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ASGARD Analysis Cockpit

ASGARD Analysis Cockpit collects scan logs, manages incidents in a role based cases management, creates filters and forwards messages to your SIEM or ticket management system.

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Supercharge your detection with more than 12,000 hand crafted, curated high quality YARA rules.

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