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Analyze VMware ESX Systems with THOR Thunderstorm

Since the release of THOR Thunderstorm in the summer of 2020, our customers used it to analyse a variety of systems that are usually considered as "out of scope". In some cases the EULA prevents the installation of Antivirus scanners or EDR agents. In other cases the...

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There’s a Thunderstorm Coming

We are proud to announce a groundbreaking new scan mode named "Thunderstorm" that we've integrated into preview builds of the upcoming THOR version 10.6. This mode of operation turns THOR into a RESTful web service that is able to process thousands of samples per...

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THOR v10.6 TechPreview

We are proud do announce the version 10.6 of THOR, which is the first one that gets released as a TechPreview. We've discussed the split-up into THOR and THOR TechPreview in a previous post.   The following post describes the most important new feature of the THOR...

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