THOR v10.6 TechPreview

by Oct 1, 2020

We are proud do announce the version 10.6 of THOR, which is the first one that gets released as a TechPreview. We’ve discussed the split-up into THOR and THOR TechPreview in a previous post.  

The following post describes the most important new feature of the THOR v10.6 TechPreview version.

THOR Thunderstorm

THOR 10.6 is the first version that support a new mode of operation – a RESTful web API service named THOR Thunderstorm. THOR Thunderstorm is able to receive thousands of samples per minute via web requests, scans them and returns a scan result. 

We’ve outlined many use cases and features of THOR Thunderstorm in a separate blog post

THOR Thunderstorm requires a separate license named “service license” to run. 


Multi-Threaded Scanning

Especially the customers with a lab license should be happy to hear that we’ve implemented multi-threaded scanning. 

From now on, THOR can use multiple threads to process elements (files, registry keys, events in eventlog etc.). 

This can boost the scan speed on mounted images significantly. Our tests on a 16 Core system showed a scan speed improvement of 1400%. 

Reworked Quick Scan

Quick scan (–quick) is used when fast scan results are crucial. It usually takes less than 25 minutes to complete. This is achieved by skipping elements in the scan. Quick in versions previous to 10.6 do the following: they skip the Eventlog scan and scan only a set of 40+ highly relevant folders on disk. 

The new quick scan doesn’t skip whole modules or directories anymore. For all previously skipped elements the new quick scan evaluates if they have been modified or created within the last 72 hours and scans only these elements. 

This way the new quick scan is much more intense but should  be only slightly slower. 

Other Changes

  • We’ve changed the ambigious “–fsonly” flag to “–lab” to indicate the best settings for scanning in a forensic lab (the old flag is still usable but hidden in the usage description)
  • Virtual drive name mapping (used in lab scans to map the actual mount point to the original one)
  • Minor changes to some log lines (extended field values) 

Getting Started

Customers can download the THOR TechPreview version 10.6 in the Downloads section of the customer portal or use thor-util in it’s newest version to download that version with the flag “–techpreview”. ASGARD version 2.5.3 also supports scan runs with THOR TechPreview. 

About the author:

Florian Roth

Florian Roth serves as the Head of Research and Development at Nextron Systems. With a background in IT security since 2000, he has delved deep into nation-state cyber attacks since 2012. Florian has developed the THOR Scanner and actively engages with the community via his Twitter handle @cyb3rops. He has contributed to open-source projects, including 'Sigma', a generic SIEM rule format, and 'LOKI', an open-source scanner. Additionally, he has shared valuable resources like a mapping of APT groups and operations and an Antivirus Event Analysis Cheat Sheet.


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