Marc Hirtz takes over as new CEO of Nextron Systems – Stephan Kaiser joins the Advisory Board

by May 29, 2024

In his short tenure as CRO, Marc Hirtz has reviewed Nextron Systems’ go-to-market strategy and expanded its international marketing and sales functions, strengthening Nextron’s position as a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry. The experienced IT business and development strategist will now take on the role of the new CEO.

It was only January, that Marc Hirtz took on the role as Chief Revenue Officer at Nextron Systems to raise the company’s profile in the cyber security solutions market. His initiatives and those of his team have helped to successfully introduce Nextron’s powerful solutions to new segments, new customers and new partners. In addition, he brought a fresh perspective to the team and efficiently restructured the processes from a start-up to a scale-up company. His success is based on a mix of extensive experience and strategic vision, qualities that have enabled him to sustainably position Nextron in the competitive landscape – not just as a competitor, but as a market leader. This transformative journey under Marc Hirtz’s leadership reflects a deliberate and visionary approach to innovation in cybersecurity.

This makes Marc Hirtz the ideal candidate to succeed the current CEO and co-founder of Nextron Systems, Stephan Kaiser, and continue the successes of recent years. Since founding Nextron Systems in 2017, Stephan Kaiser has worked extensively with the ever-growing Nextron team to build the company. He has positioned Nextron Systems as a leading expert in the field of digital forensics and automated compromise assessment. Stephan Kaiser will remain a shareholder and will join the advisory board of Nextron Systems, ensuring that his expertise and knowledge are retained even after his operational role ends.

Numerous successful stations

Marc Hirtz has a proven track record that underscores his competence as a growth manager. Most recently, from 2020 to 2023, he shaped the expansion and strong growth of the Munich-based scale-up company DataGuard. Additionally, as a board member of abas Software AG in Karlsruhe, he led the development of a robust international partner network, which in 2019 resulted in the successful sale to Forterro and Battery Ventures.

At Pitney Bowes Software, Hirtz was responsible for various business units in Western and Eastern Europe between 2012 and 2017. His previous achievements also include significant contributions to strategy development at Infineon Technologies and leading the corporate strategy at Tenovis under the leadership of KKR, which ultimately led to the sale to Avaya Inc. in 2005. Hirtz is married with two grown-up children, lives near Frankfurt am Main and is an enthusiastic windsurfer, sailor and motorcyclist.

Determined into the future

Nextron Systems is evolving from a hidden champion to a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry. Today, Nextron serves over 500 customers worldwide and has firmly established itself in the global market.

The APT scanner THOR, known for its unique detection rate, covers the gaps left by traditional AV software and EDR agents. In addition to the THOR product family, Nextron’s offering includes the ASGARD Management Center and ASGARD Analysis Cockpit, which provide comprehensive monitoring and analysis of cyber threats. These products are available both on-premises and as cloud solutions and can be used as a managed service to ensure the greatest possible protection.

Under its new leadership, Nextron Systems is committed to addressing the challenges of cybercrime now and in the future. The company is driven to set new standards in digital forensics and make them accessible to oranizations across all industries.

“I am very proud to witness the strategic development of Nextron under the leadership of Marc Hirtz. His clear vision and innovative approach have not only sustained but accelerated our growth. Therefore, I hand over the baton to Marc with great confidence. I look forward to our future collaboration and will fully commit myself in my new role as a board member and shareholder to support Nextron on its journey towards groundbreaking achievements in the cybersecurity industry”, says Stephan Kaiser, former CEO and co-founder of Nextron.

“I am excited to take on the role of CEO at Nextron, a company at the forefront of automated digital forensics. Building on the impressive foundation laid by Stephan Kaiser, my goal is to drive our mission forward and embody our motto ‘We detect hackers’ with every innovative product and solution we develop. My vision for Nextron is to not only continue our legacy of excellence, but to further expand our position as the cybersecurity specialist that sets the standard for proactive threat detection and defense. Together, my team and I will shape a safer digital future.”, says Marc Hirtz, new CEO of Nextron Systems.

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