Introducing the Nextron Community Discord Server

by Dec 8, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Nextron Community Discord Server, a dedicated space for technical dialogue and support for Nextron’s range of products. This server aims to facilitate a deeper understanding and more effective use of our solutions.

Key Features of the Nextron Discord Server

  1. Technical Assistance
    Our server provides an avenue for quick and detailed assistance regarding our products. Whether you’re encountering an issue or need clarification on a specific function, our community and team are here to assist.
  2. Feature and Function Discussions
    Engage in in-depth conversations about product features and functionalities. This is an ideal platform for sharing best practices, innovative uses, and expert insights.
  3. Announcements of New Features
    Stay informed about the latest developments and updates in our product line. The server will serve as a primary channel for announcing new features and enhancements.
  4. Feedback and Polls
    Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of our products. Participate in polls and provide feedback, helping us to align our development with the needs of our technical user base.

Joining the Server

To join the Nextron Community Discord Server, please follow this link. If you are new to Discord, you will need to create an account. For existing users, simply log in and join the conversation.


Our Discord server is a community for sharing knowledge, discussing technology, and shaping the future of our products. Your participation is highly encouraged.

About the author:

Florian Roth

Florian Roth serves as the Head of Research and Development at Nextron Systems. With a background in IT security since 2000, he has delved deep into nation-state cyber attacks since 2012. Florian has developed the THOR Scanner and actively engages with the community via his Twitter handle @cyb3rops. He has contributed to open-source projects, including 'Sigma', a generic SIEM rule format, and 'LOKI', an open-source scanner. Additionally, he has shared valuable resources like a mapping of APT groups and operations and an Antivirus Event Analysis Cheat Sheet.


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